The AUTOVROOOM International Racing Academy: Grooming Cairo’s Young Car Fanatics Into Skilled Racers

ssssSome weeks ago, we brought you news of one of the most exciting arrivals in the capital in some time – AUTOVROOOM.

The FIA-approved kart-racing track is gearing up for its grand opening before the end of the year and has come a godsend for Cairo’s petrol-heads who will soon be able to push the pedal to the metal on the country’s first and only world-class racing facility approved by the CIK (Commission Internationale de Karting)

But while AUTOVROOOM promises to be a great day out, there’s much more than meets the eye behind the scenes.

AUTOVROOOM will also be operating as a bonfide racing academy providing extensive and comprehensive curriculum that could well set you on your way to Formula One stardom. You see, the FIA requires that all potential Formula One racers to complete an approved kart-racing module as a prerequisite.

The curriculum at AUTOVROOOM is serious business and requires high level of devotion – not least because its duration in one year. Yes, it’s a commitment, but at the end of the year, the rewards are endless for the truly committed.

Divided into five key stages, it all takes place under the watchful eye of a man who is considered the guru of motor sports in Egypt. Mohamed Gamal Badawy has been involved with motor sports on several levels – from hands-on team management and media relations, this is a man who knows his way around a car.

Other consultants for AUTOVROOOM’s racing academy include seasoned karting champions, Rami Serry, Shady Osama Ahmed Ghanem Zidan and Tarek Khedr – so you’re in safe hands.

Training is done on CRG Black Star karts with 30 horse power IAME Parilla Engine engines and as part of the course, all racers are required to attend two fitness sessions a week to work on aerobic & anaerobic fitness, muscular strength and endurance, reaction and concentration, as well as recovery, rest, nutrition and supplementation – see what we mean? This is the real deal.

In addition, students will be offered the chance to take part in regional and international tournaments as representatives of AUTOVROOOM at the track itself and beyond.

You can apply for membership now and the course is open to racing fanatics between the ages of 8 and 23. Click here for more information or call 0246652931 and stay tuned to Cairo 360 for exclusive news from AUTOVROOOM.

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How to Recognize a Cabe Cabean Girl in the City

CabeCabean currently be the latest trend, an expression of a young girl that arriving in certain groups of trends in leading cities. Listed here are 10 features of a CabeCabean girl:

1. Teeth ‘ fence ‘

CabeCabean girl putting on ‘ fence ‘ teeth or perhaps stirrup. Nonetheless, it didn’t for health or even the needs of his teeth, but simply -style. Actually, the pair of the specialists teeth not really a dentist.

2. Use Cosmetics on Saturday Night. Usually use makeup when are infiltrated or even go to the mall. However girls generally CabeCabean Dress ‘ ultra menor ‘ when chilling out in evening of the week.

3. The 3 or 4 Bonceng

Normally, according to the principles of values tandem traffic not more than a couple. 3 or 4 permitted on condition assume to bring babies or young children. CabeCabean chick does even up to 4 people 1 motor.

4. Fond of racing. CabeCabean girl enjoys racing with display their feet. However the foot they show seems bright compared to face and neck area.

5. Dresses above the waist line CabeCabean Amendment girl wearing a mini skirts on top of the navel. This was implemented to highlight her breasts. In institutions, rules enforced waistline skirt.

6. ‘ Pot calling the kettle- ‘There’s a phrase ‘ pot calling the kettle ‘ that refers the one who does not confess his actions and place to anyone else. CabeCabean lady also thus. They termed another girl in spite of Cabe himself is Georgetown.

7. High heel shoes at the Night Market along with the trendy dress and also wear high heel shoes, girl CabeCabean must hang on clubbing. However, they rather spend Saturday evening at night market.

8. Spend time on the Fly Over. As well as the night market lady Cabecabean as well spent Saturday evening in a flyover. Is not it desire courtship or committing suicide?

9. Misleading Ourselves Usually chick Chili Cabean to exhibit picture targets flirt with deceitful appearance. Seems like cute, rather, cute, however, after meeting or to meet different than the original. Additionally, they give the aftereffect of a camera in the picture sent.

10. Up Motor, Pants and tight outfits, that’s the essential manifestation of CabeCabean girl. In addition, if rode 3 to 4 is unquestionably they’re 100 % girl CabeCabean. Generally, when they rode around, talking in a Cellphone and laugh or giggle t attract others.

How to Get Ready for Thrilling Motor Bekas Racing

Biking is usually fun and exciting. It’s a fantastic way to keep healthful too. The majority of cyclists experience the fun and health advantages mixed when they venture out for a riding tour. Nevertheless, some don’t as they do not have the proper bike. For a very exciting bike ride, you have to ensure your bike is personalized for you in each and every way. Including the perfect bike size as well as fitting to offer you a cozy ride.

This is much more important for individuals who have a real love for bike racing. To ensure that you have an excellent bike racing experience, you must have your bike in great shape. You also have to be in good form in physical form. This is simply possible if your motorbike feels safe.

Here are some ideas that can help you to understand motor bekas racing:

Stay in shape:

For an effective bike racing encounter, it is essential that you conserve a nutritious diet. A healthy diet plan consists of high fiber food, for example fresh fruits, veggies and whole grain products. You need to eliminate oily food like cheese burgers that can slow down your speed and agility. Eat energy foods for strength and stamina for long road racing journeys. Drink plenty of water as it hydrates and removes toxins your body. Additionally, get proper rest.

Have the Proper Bike Match:

A great bike match offers you utmost comfort and ease that permits you to increase your endurance and give optimum performance. Additionally, it decreases your odds of injury, in contrast to a poor bike match where you stand prone to get back, neck and knee damage. A bike repair center has all the major tools to help you get the best bike match. Visit any nearby bike repair center to get the task finished.

Get ready with Proper Equipment:

To boost your bike riding encounter, you have to wear the proper outfit. You need to get a set of nice shorts which are comfortable for bike riding. Biking shorts are particularly made to lessen skin irritation. Purchase a proper fitted short, not very tight or very loose. The next essential thing is the footwear. Proper fitting footwear can present you with ease, comfort and noteworthy functionality; else, you will simply get blisters.

Enroll in a bike racing community:

The best way to master, motor bekas, racing would be to take help from the experts. Professionals can assist you with a fast tip, tricks and methods that can provide you with a better bike racing encounter. You can communicate with people with related interest, share your encounters and get useful advice from the professionals.

Road bikes are perfect for bike racing. For the similar cause, road bikes can also known as motor bekas. To have the correct road bike, go to a good bike shop with high quality bikes.

Age Group Triathlete Magazine

We are very excited to have the magazine up and running and look forward to bringing you the best in age grouper information over the coming months and years.My name is Colin Leeson and I am the Age Group Triathlete Magazine (AGTM) editor. I live in Brisbane, Australia and have been an age grouper triathlete for over 20 years, regularly competing in events ranging from small sprint triathlons to Ironman.
I also direct the sporting brand TLR Performance which provides gear and accessories for triathletes, cyclists and runners.Age Group Triathlete Magazine is the perfect resource for age groupers who want to improve their sport and be inspired by what others are doing.We will feature informative articles by authors from all around the world who will share their knowledge and experiences. Featured athletes will share their experiences in preparing for, and competing in selected events..AGTM has a panel of Professional Triathletes, Coaches, Health & Technical specialists on board to share their knowledge and each issue will have several segments dedicated to sharing information.Our Pro triathletes share their knowledge in the Pro tips segment and the other professionals share tips in the Tech Tips sectionIf you have any questions you would like discussed in these sections let us know editor@agtm.coAGTM also has an €Age Grouper of the Month€ page where we share the story of an inspiring triathlete. Nominate yourself or someone else for the €Age Grouper of the Month€IN THIS ISSUE.The first issue features Craig Willows- Keetley who is an Australian guy who only started in triathlons late in 2013. Craig will share the story of his Phuket half Ironman distance Challenge event. We also interview Pro Triathlete Ellie Salthouse where we welcome her to the AGTM team, discuss her return to Pro triathlon and hear some tips for age groupers.We have great articles by Matt Alva who looks at the cost of an Ironman and Ginger Spansel looking at training in the
off season.Pro Triathlete Nate Walsh shares some training advice in the €From the Pro’s€ section and bike shop owner and A grade cyclist Larry Dyer gives some good tyre tips in the Tech Tips section.We wrap up the magazine with our first €Age Grouper of the month€. I hope you enjoy this magazine and are able to pick up some useful tips to help you in your future events and races.

The Most Readily Useful Chance to Inform Young Ones With Movie Activities

Today, the parents have the most effective teaching possibility for their children, with the newest video games. Generally speaking, people think that the video games are for enjoyment and truth be told that the games employ a wealthy value for education. Obviously, in colleges, teachers use video games for training, as they are teaching their kiddies in the easiest way, with the aesthetic aids. The game developers make special lessons and design within their movie games. The kids obtain information, also before they begin their college education. The arcade is one of the very best activities for kids and they gain satisfaction, when they’re with special arcade games.

The arcade sport producers have great progressive ideas to make their products and countless types are there for the youngsters to play arcade games. Since the kids can’t place coins in the position, parents must help them in this regard. You will find computerized devices and if the parents place a couple of coins in the original stage, they can continue games, without disruptions and they do not have to look at their parents. Eateries, industrial malls and parks are a few of the areas, where young ones will look for his or her desired arcade games.

Coming to online activities, the RPG sport is an excellent gaming option for the people and these games are with actual fascinating consequences and suspense. The players can’t follow the story, if they are novices and just once they total the game, they can enjoy the full story. The experiences are with superpower characters, the participants are supplied with different choices, and only when they follow the correct one, they could total the stage. The role-playing sport is different and the participants need to get the role of the hero to win games. This should be really interesting for the individuals, who have a passion for the RPG games. The application makers have to get knowledge about the entire story, before they design their video games.

Each period should be fascinating to play and the aesthetic and sound outcomes should encourage the players to proceed further inside their games. Needless to say, at provide, you can find game editing and planning software tools and if the skilled designing executive are creating the video gaming, they would be with professionalism. These activities certainly provide true exciting minutes, filled with sudden twists. In the past, the application companies were building remarkable casino activities for gaming and only recently, they’ve started to produce wonderfully produced fascinating games, exclusively for children.

When on line casino people have to divert their brain, they are able to visit web sites to perform different exciting games, of course, maybe not for money. The free on the web games can be found around the clock and people may possibly login, whenever they have a desire to play movie games. In addition, the children activities are available and if people want to enjoy with flexibility, they’ve to create the very best environment for his or her children to play their child games. The compensated sites do have amazing online games and computer game players could have a great enjoying knowledge, if they are on specialized gambling websites.

If the parents do not want their kids to have involved with the outside entertainments, they can merely make them to enjoy children games, with professional videos. Even, they can question questions concerning the activities, which they are playing. Children need to understand what the others say and the interactive videos will help build smartness and intelligence of kids by visiting

Strider Bikes And Their Features

Bike for your kids

Wouldn’t or not it’s nice to examine your very little ones riding a motorbike carefree and with full confidence. Well this could happen with the assistance of walker bikes, they’re specially created for youngsters United Nations agency desires to be told equalization together with obtaining ready for riding bicycles on the streets after they become old. A confidence boost from associate degree early age very helps the kid to depart his fears away and begin riding with nice confidence. Walker Pre Bikes do precisely the factor; they provide assist you learn all the riding aspects that area unit necessary to be told for real biking. Strider Balance Bikes are the best riding machines for your kids. Strider Bikes are the first step towards riding a two wheeler.

Things one ought to fathom walker bikes:

1. The way to assemble it:

This is the foremost common half. One has to assemble all the elements that go along with the bike, fix them, regulate height consistent with what’s appropriate for your kid and your bike is prepared at intervals five minutes. Balance Bikes are very easy to assemble and dismantle. Strider two wheelers and Strider Pre Bikes are very popular among the kids.

2. Weight:

These bikes area unit terribly light; there average weight is concerning half-dozen.4 pounds, that is 1/3 of the burden of pedal bikes. So a baby will simply carry his own bike, id any obstacle stops him, and he might simply elevate the bike and cross it. Attributable to its lightweight weight options it is taken anyplace.

The idea of pedestrian bikes is basically an exquisite gift for kids and conjointly for his or her oldsters as they will see their child learning the balance conception thus simply and with nice confidence. These bikes will simply be recognized by their non pedal look. Surprise however wills the cycle move? Affirmative the newest elements and options have helped pedestrian Balance Bikes reach new heights in bike revolution.

The makers of pedestrian have skillfully designed the bike so as to create it usable while not pedals; it’s equipped with advanced mechanical elements that facilitate to offer a pleasant riding expertise to each kid. it’s aforesaid to be useful in building varied skills among the growing youngsters. For instance, they learn the fundamental of equalization, they conjointly build confidence in them, and that they learn self defense skills and obtain a thought of the speed. Alongside that they conjointly study safety rules that ought to be followed whereas riding on the road.

Strider Bikes In Canada

Fun bikes for kids

This fantastic bike has no pedals or balance creating it extraordinarily lightweight weighted and simply manageable for the youngsters. To maneuver forward the rider has to push with their feet. With increasing confidence within the young biker will eventually glide with the striders. Adjustable saddle with a bar pad makes it comfy for the kids, providing Associate in Nursing unique biking expertise. The complete framework is created of steel creating it sturdy and safe for the youngsters. Strider Pre Bikes are especially designed bikes to make riding fun for your kids. This innovative bike has wheels manufactured from EVA chemical compound, creating it puncture proof and flat free. That the pedestrian is not restricted to paved pathways however also can be accustomed venture off the roads to areas lined with grass, gravel and even puddles. Accessibility of this novel bike in spirited colors makes it all the lot of enticing for the young rockers.

Mastering bike riding

Though learning to ride cycles by starting with coaching wheels are the norm for several a generations, kids over the years has round-faced several difficulties. 1st of all, these coaching wheels would wobble on rough surfaces, creating it troublesome to balance for beginners. Per se lessons begin by learning to balance your bike, this proves to be quite hindrance, and one shuddery expertise for several. However these new bikes do not create use of such procedures, and has created this learning expertise quite simple and gratifying. Strider Bikes are the easiest way for your kids to learn the skills of bike riding.

For instance, standard bicycles fitted with coaching wheels create it troublesome for the young riders to put their feet on the bottom when mounting on their seats. Once round-faced thereupon unsteady downside, the primary reaction of learners would be to search out their footing, that the peak of those standard cycles has created a retardant.

Strider bikes in Canada

Kids love toys and cycles particularly boy love riding bikes and cycles. Balance bikes square measure special styles of bike that is given to the kid once he/ she square measure a nipper. These balance bikes square measure special bikes as they are doing not have any quite pedal. They’re not like those regular bikes that have a pad instead they teach a child hand a way to ride a motorbike and push it forward while not employing a pedal. Strider Bikes in Calgary and Strider Bikes in Okotoks are very popular among the kids.

Best Treadmills in UK

Since 1968, Treadmills have typically been one of the first pieces of exercise equipment purchased when you begin a home fitness routine. They’re also the most commonly purchased under the direction of a physician. They’re built for durability, resistance, tension, and functionality with tons of features that includes incline adjustments, media players, and a variety of programming options.
A treadmill provides power using a wide conveyor belt, that is either manually or electric power. Manual powered treadmills require more energy and exertion to operate, which in turn assists in burning calories, but may lead to shorter workouts.
From Power to Punishment
We’ve all heard the saying €No Pain, No Gain,€ and let’s face it, exercise hurts!
One of the contributing factors to the quote, is the first treadmills were used to harness human power in the way an Eskimo uses animal power to perform a process or function. While animals pull the weight of an Eskimo, as a means of travel. The early days of treadmills were punishment devices for prisoners sentenced to hard labor. They were an industrial revolution in the design and use of conveyors to workers in assembly lines or packaging. They remain widely used worldwide, to this day.
Stepping machines were also part of the industrial revolution, forming the process of using stationary equipment to crush grain.
Manual treadmills and steppers remain as painful now as they were back then, your legs and arms burning like fire, your feet aching from the pounding against the conveyor, similar to that of walking 5 miles on your very first walk! (Not that I’ve done that)
To Exercise
In was the 1950’s when exercise treadmills really began making waves. The first medical treadmill was used to diagnose heart and lung disease, today they’re used in hospitals and clinics, rehab and training facilities, gyms and sports clubs, and homes worldwide.
Fast forward sixteen years, to when research became available announcing the health benefits of the machines, and the fitness world was introduced to the first affordable, treadmill by William Staub for at-home use.
The invention took shape after Mr. Shaub read a book published the same year, by Dr. Anthony Cooper. In the book was a sentence that read €individuals who ran for eight minutes four-to-five times a week would be in better physical condition,€ and as a result developed his own treadmill.
Treadmills are available in three categories:
Jay, PPH
‚· Manual Treadmills
‚· Motorized Treadmills and
‚· Folding Treadmills
Today you can find a variety of treadmills that are a basic frame, conveyor belt, and flywheel assembly, to full decked out treadmills that feature an assortment of programmable options and even visual effects.

MICHEAL FEATHERSTONE – Multi Prolific Australian Investigator.

Micheal Featherstone, also known as “Mick”,Risk Management consultant and inquiry agent of the Phoenix Global Company and a private investigator in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Micheal has a remarkable personality and has an experience of solving and preventing the problems of small to large scale businesses or major corporations.According to Mick the spy technology has been growing so quickly that it has helped the private investigator to know everything about the person without leaving their office premises. He uses computer software to copy information about his clients, he is so well equipped that he can detect anything, including transcripts of phone calls and the text messages. The clients are not only from Australia but he investigates internationally.

Background & Interests-
1.Micheal wrote a book, Bullet Proof Your Business, that released in 2006 and published by Wilkinson Publishing.
2.One of the favorite activities of Micheal is bike racing, he has won many championships.
3.Micheal has worked for 13 years with the Queensland Police as a detective and also joined the Queensland Major Fraud Investigation Group.
4.Currently Mick is a private investigator and has been serving clients in Australia as well as internationally.
5.Mick also shows interest in horse-racing betting software and other investments.

As a key member and investigator in Phoenix Global, Mick require to perform investigative and surveillance that includes-

1.Fraudulent Insurance Claims and Employee Compensation- Conduct in-depth investigation based on facts, interviews, and surveillance to find out insurance fraud matters.
2.Counter Surveillance Using extensive techniques to find out whether the third party is observing or following the clients physically or digitally.
3.Online and Digital Monitoring the softwares used by the clients to tack the teenagers or childs online activities, as well as spouses need investigation for cheating cases.
4.Bug Detection and Removal- using debugging services to detect bugs and remove those too.
5.Legal Action Preparation works carefully to prepare legal documents.
6.Micheal Featherstone is qualified with risk management, investigation, Law, psychology, regulatory compliance, high quality intelligence, to deliver the dynamic, multi-disciplinary services to small or large businesses & legal practitioners, or major corporations.

Mick is specialized in-
* Investigation & Evidence gathering;
* Business Risk Management;
* Regulatory Compliance;

Mick Featherstone works in Phoenix Global and he thinks, these days people are convinced to believe that if their spouses are cheating on them can be caught using the best modern technology. The boom in the infidelity business has happened because of the extensive contribution of James Bond

Finding a Hyundai Car Dealer in Gurgaon

Now a day owning a new car is the dream of a person, for that every person makes a plan and fixed budget to buy a new car. Person makes a lot of planning before buying a new car.He/She also implements a perfect execution for the same with fixed budget. In India many companies are coming up with the new designs with new models to increase their sale but sometimes budget become an issue that does not allow person to grab one for them. Following this scenario, Hyundai Dealer in Gurgaon offer special deals and offers on new cars which grabs attention from the masses. While searching for new cars in northern India, Hyundai Dealer Gurgaon offers car in everyone’s budget. To find the best dealer in Gurgaon begin your search from the market and you will find Hyundai Dealer Gurgaon as an affectionate and best dealer.
Hyundai Dealer Gurgaon being in the close proximity with Delhi and Noida offers special deals across the city. You will find so many dealers of Hyundai cars in Gurgaon as well as in other cities but before choosing any of the particular dealer look for the Hyundai Dealer in Gurgaon, look for the brand, tell your requirements and budget you will get best deals according to your requirements.
If you are looking for a Gurgaon-based new car, you need to know that, all the new cars which dealers bought in India may already have the T ax integrated into it. The Tax is different from Open market Selling Price, the latter is equivalent to the retail price and should already encompass all taxes that have already gone to the state. Indian automobile market has become a host of various cars and Hyundai dealers Gurgaon offers a large variety of cars highly loaded with modern features and latest technology that eventually competing for supremacy in Hyundai cars segments program. Every customer want true value for their money in terms of performance, power, comfort, fuel efficiency and main thing it should to be in budget.
As we know Indian car market is expanding at very fast pace even though the market segment is very competitive. The Indian car market introducing newer models which are being continuously revamped due to the reason of international and domestic car makers are coming together to recognize the potential that eventually the Indian car market offers. Hyundai is well known for its engine quality as well as all the vehicles of this company speaks to higher innovative touch in each car. All the remarkably performing vehicles of Hyundai from which few models such as Hyundai Elantra, Hyundai Xcent, Hyundai Verna marked a groundbreaking punch with its putting forth a commenting expression distinctively at par in the race of automobile sector. On the other hand, time to time Hyundai company presenting new enhanced models which have always been keeping its fortress over the Indian automobile industry. In India Hyundai cars have set another standard of extravagance and style.